My Mentor

I had a bit of a stressful day today with starting my day with a meeting with the principal. Since my VA teaching license is not in yet and I teach at a Title 1 school (my NC one came in two weeks ago, so VA will take another month), I had to send home a letter to all parents explaining that I was not licensed YET. I remember when I first heard that I would get a mentor in August. I thought, what if she doesn’t like me or isn’t nice? The whole school seemed like a weird maze then and my classroom like a huge battleground. When we started texting, I realized how sweet she was. I realize now that she’s the most inclusive, kindest, and sweetest person I’ve ever met. Over the past few months, she has guided me through so many aspects of daily teaching life that I would not have been able to do without her. From plans to homework to word sorts, I can always count on her.

Flash forward to today: My mentor knew that this week has been super stressful for me with that and trying to get centers set up, so she walked into my classroom during the middle of Morning Work and gave me a silver box and told me “I was saving this but it seemed like you needed it now.” Inside was a bracelet with the a script around it that read: “Fancy jasper promotes tranquility.” Honestly it was the best moment of my teaching career. The best moment of my week by far. They say Oakland is a family, and my mentor is at the head. She never fails to speak up at meetings for the good of the rest of us and will be the person we throw under the bus if needed. A lot of times I go to her just to get a story from her to start my day. I wouldn’t be making it this far without her. ❤ Best mentor ever.


One thought on “My Mentor

  1. WOW!!!!!! Yep here come the tears!!!! I am so glad I am able to provide you with the support you feel you need. You are doing a superb job!!!!! This is a challenging career….hold on tight and say your prayers and it will be the most rewarding job you have ever had!!!!!!


    Sherry Gross


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