How to Not Re-invent the Wheel

This would be the NUMBER ONE thing I wish someone had told me as a teacher. So if you are starting out, here is the one thing that could make your life SO much easier and give you so many more hours in the day.

As a teacher, and especially to be an incredible teacher, you are busy. You don’t have time to re-invent the wheel, nor should you have to. So here is the best advice you will ever be given as a teacher. First, obtain a flash drive. Second, walk down the hall and find another teacher who teaches on your grad level and has been teaching for many years. Copy all her files on your flash drive. You are probably wondering why you would do this. I can find my own resources you say. No, please don’t spend that much time doing all that.

That teacher will have so many resources on every standard you will be teaching. When you teach, you accumulate PowerPoints, worksheets, and activities from other teachers.  This will save you from spending countless hours looking for the perfect PowerPoint or activity, when she already has it and it already hits the standard you want to teach. After, you can still add your own activities, but you don’t have to spend as much time searching for each little piece or crafting your own. Chances are someone has already made it and done it better than my less computer experience mind can create. Save your time.

Right now, I’m working on organizing all of it onto Google Drive, which you should do too. “Why,” you ask, “would I do this?” Google Drive allows you to have those files anywhere. Home or work. No more being attached to a flash drive or spending tons of time searching your files and opening up 20 files to find the one you need. You’ll be able to organize them by subject and standard. Then all you do is go to that standard and find every file you have on it, and click through worksheets in seconds. You can share with other teachers on your grade level and they can add their resources. Luckily for me, my school uses GMail, so if someone sends me a file, I press a button and can save it to the right file on my Google Drive in the right folder. Takes 3 seconds and I have it anywhere. Then if you get a new team member, you just press share, and all the files are sent to them. Easy. No mess or frustration of opening tons of computer documents to not find the one you want or trying to keep up with a flash drive. This is the technology future, let’s gracefully move into it and embrace all that it has to offer.


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