Weird things that occurred in my classroom


1: Somehow we made an acronym out of Scale, Ticks, and Number for thermometers and it became Stan the Thermometer Man. One day I poked the ceiling with my yardstick and the students all started screaming at me about how Stan the Thermometer Man was sleeping up there. Oh, and they all want to take a picture of Stan home with them at the end of the year.

2: Occasionally I told my students stories about the little girl I babysat and she became a celebrity to the students. They finally got to meet her at the end of the year and you would think they were meeting Taylor Swift. They were screaming and jumping up and down all day in excitement.

3: The amount of throw up that happened in my room. I never predicted that as a teacher.

4: Recently my students figured out my car and now whenever we walk back from recess they start screaming “THAT’S MISS ROMM’S CAR. HI MISS ROMM’S CAR!” Terrified my car is going to be egged now.

5: Finding a student’s love diary. That ended with “he cheated on me. He is a cheater, cheater, cheater.” Weirdness.

6: “Miss Romm she was putting vertices up my butt!” Kid talking about the library books corners (vertices are corners and our math lesson) and how a student accidentally pushed him in line and the corners hit him. Glad he learned the math term though!

7: “Well you are just a crackhead!” Something a kid yelled across my room during Morning Meeting. Good times and what a vocabulary for a third grader.

8: “Miss Romm is like an amazing rainbow spectacular butterfly.” How a kid described me that I will never forget.

9: Not in my classroom but there is actually a TV in an outdoor gazebo in Suffolk and the TV works and I am still so confused. Why is the TV outdoors? How does it work?

10: Since I am so young, I told all my students was my age was 106. When I had a birthday it became 107. They have spent the entire school year guessing my age and it drives them nuts. Pretty sure they have never guessed right either.

11: One day I was in the hall monitoring and my student just stopped near me for a few minutes. I asked her what she was up to and she said “you smell like flowers, Flower Woman. I love smelling you.” She calls me Flower Woman all the time now, and I just laugh.


One thought on “Weird things that occurred in my classroom

  1. HA!! This was a great list to read through 🙂 My mom and I enjoyed them all and I think my favorite was to find out that you are now 107. You have quite the comment collection that I will never have!


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