Year Three of Duke TiP

I’ve always been one to live their life in fast-forward. This summer has been no different. The day after I finished teaching third grade in Suffolk, Virginia I moved to Raleigh, North Carolina to begin work with Duke TiP Crisis at Meredith College for a month. This is a weeklong program where kids take a class and do project-based learning around the topic.

My summer job was to be a teacher’s assistant (TA) for Broadcast and Print Media. What I loved about working with Duke TiP Crisis was the emphasis on project-based learning. The kids learned about the principles of journalism, the ethics, and branding, all while learning about hurricanes. All the news articles and projects revolved around hurricanes—our crisis of the summer. As a TA, I was able to watch kids work in groups, get involved in their learning process and see where their minds took them. There were no standards to worry about or tests, just simple group-based learning. Kids were able to create their own newscasts about the hurricane and use a green screen. They went on a beat report where they interviewed other classes and asked them questions about what they would do in a hurricane. At the end, they all went home with a flash drive full of their completed videos from the week and were able to show their parents all of their projects.

I enjoyed this simpler version of teaching and watching kids in-depth study a topic and create so many amazing pieces of work. I also enjoyed the different people I met, the different experiences I had, and the many different perspectives that I came across. I’ve been blessed with so many different jobs and opportunities to work with kids. Now that camp is over, I have started work with Sylvan, so I’m still teaching. My résumé is getting a little lengthy with all the different jobs and internships I’ve had these past few years, so I can’t wait to see what grad school holds.