Teaching English to Students in China through the Internet (yes it is a real job)

My life is currently grad school and two jobs (or as my mother likes to call them—four jobs since they are each so different). VIP Kids and teaching English to students in China is definitely one of my favorites right now for the flexibility and the schedule, so I thought it would be my first blog post. At the end, I’ll write a sentence about the other jobs since they are cool too and will be future blog posts—so keep reading!

When I first heard about VIP Kids, I thought it was a pipe dream or a scheme. You get to wake up, put on leggings and an orange shirt, and teach through the Internet? What? Luckily I have an awesome best friend who had been doing it for a long time and it works for her so I figured I would try.

The classroom looks like this:


To the right, you’ll see the top and bottom squares. The top square is where I can see them through their webcam. In the bottom square, I have my webcam on and they can also see me.
To the left, you’ll see the PowerPoint. VIP Kids designs each and every PowerPoint and they are highly interactive. They even have directions for me as a teacher on the bottom.

Every week I set my own schedule. I have to do 7 ½ hours weekly around peak times in China, which are 6-10 A.M. Monday-Sunday and 9-10 P.M. Fridays and Saturdays. They are twelve hours ahead, so when I teach the children it is night time for them. As it is teaching English as a second language, I have to do a lot of Total Physical Response where I coordinate language to physical movement.

Overall, it is very enjoyable and the kids are usually really well-behaved with the parents sitting right next to them. The company offers great pay, a lot of bonuses for just teaching classes, and is really easy to work for. If you want to teach for VIP Kids, please Facebook me and I’ll definitely help you through the interviewing process or answer your questions.

Here is my referral link if you want to apply:

In my downtime when I’m NOT teaching or studying/writing papers….you’ll find me cooking new recipes, hanging out with friends, practicing yoga, kayaking, running, at a barre class, at church, reading Harry Potter, and occasionally watching TV.

Also—my other jobs are teaching SAT Prep, Coding and Programming, and Robotics through the local tutoring center plus some tutoring of elementary reading and mathematics. I stay pretty busy but these are some pretty cool experiences.


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